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Our doors and ears are always open (or at least Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm).

Merchant Taylors' Hall,
30 Threadneedle Street,
London, EC2R 8JB

+44 (0)20 7450 4445
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+44 (0)20 7450 4445


The King’s Gallery adds a wonderfully welcoming setting to your day, perfectly complementing the adjoining Drawing Room. It’s ideal for up to 50 guests for an evening of dining in luxurious surroundings. If you think your guests might enjoy a venue with a story to tell, it’ll be a great conversation starter to mention that James I dined here in 1607. Today, light pastels give the room a fresh, contemporary poise. Floor to ceiling windows add an extra dimension by overlooking the Great Hall below.

For more details about incorporating the King’s Gallery in your event, please contact the Merchant Taylors’ team today on 020 7450 4445.

If you are interested in the King’s Gallery please contact us.

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